About Redwood Boers

At Redwood Boers, located near Redwood Falls Minnesota, we are committed to raising the best quality of purebred colored and dappled Boer goats.
In the spring of 2017 we bought 5 fancy fullblood does from Lanham Farms final dispersal.  A few months later we added two great direct Lucky Dog *Ennobled* daughters that boast pedigrees hard to find, especially with Lucky Dog having passed away we were glad to get some of his genetics into our program. 
These beautiful does will be the foundation of our program for years and to come and boast genetics that are hard to come by with great names throughout their pedigrees. Working along with Tall Towers Boers out of Appleton MN we are working hard to produce the very best quality and loudest colored Boers in the industry for 4-H and breeding stock programs. Take your goat showing to the next level!
Just in July 2017 we now purchased the fullblood Boer buck that is to be our herd sire and the foundation buck of our herd.  Dappled Levi is a well built, black and tan dappled billy with a great pedigree.
We will be working to expand our Boer goat herd and constantly strive to produce unique dappled Boer goats with great frames.  We want to help you look good in the show ring and to provide animals that will bring home the ribbons!  

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